Available Puppies

We currently work exclusively from a request/waitlist, and while we don't consider a puppy "adopted" until we accept a deposit, we do have a list of people who are interested in our litters who are waiting on us to determine size and pricing once the pups are 6 weeks old. 


If you are interested in a future puppy, you will need to email me at ToySchnauzers@AOL.com to get on our list.  Please email me the gender, colors, and size range in pounds that you prefer. 

It is FREE to be on our request list.  

Stormy & Stetson



Stormy is 14 lbs and Stetson is 4.5 lbs. Two Pups were born on April 1, 2022.  We have two pups; One Wheaten Female, and One Solid Black Male.  These pups should be able to go to new homes on

May 27th, 2022.


Avery & Teddy


On April 19th, Teddy (11.5 lbs) and Avery (10 lbs) produced 6 pups: Three Salt & Pepper Males, Two Black & Silver males, & One White female!  These pups will be available for new homes on Saturday, June 11, 2022 

Gent Teddy

Katelynn & Chey


Katelynn is 12.5 lbs & Chey is 4.5 lbs.  On 4/23/22, they produced six pups; 2 Wheaten Parti Females, 1 White Chocolate Parti Female, Two Black Parti Females, and One Black Parti Male.  These pups will be available for new homes on June 18th. More photos coming soon!


Twister & Boss


Twister delivered 5 pups on May 12, 2022: Two Black & White Parti Females (clone to the mom), One Black & White Parti Male (also a Mom clone), and two Wheaten Parti males.  These pups will be available for new homes on July 9, 2022.


Sally & Spur


This is a repeat breeding for Sally (12 lbs)  & Spur (8.7 lbs).  Their last litter was all Small and Large Toy Phantom Black & Silvers.  They could also have Blacks, Whites, and Salt and Peppers. To see photos of their last litter: Click Here! 

Due Date: June 25th


Mocha & Stetson


This is our first time breeding Mocha (10 lbs) to  Stetson (4.5 lbs). We are expecting Black & Liver Parti pups both ticked and non-ticked. 

To see some of Mocha's past pups with a Black Nosed Parti, Armini, 

Click Here! 

Due Date: June 26th 


Bandit & Tank


This is Bandit's first litter!  Both she and Tank weigh 8 pounds.  We are expecting Standard Colors, and hoping for all three: Blacks, Phantom Salt & Peppers, and Phantom Black & Silvers! 

To see photos of Tank & Azure's

 (also a Salt & Pepper) last litter:

Click Here: 

Due Date: June 28th 


Kimber & Boss


This is Kimber's very first litter!  Both she and Tank weigh 8 pounds. Kimber is 12.5 lbs and Boss is 4.5 pounds!  We are expecting Liver and Black Parti pups both ticked and non-ticked.  To see photos of Katelynn (Also a Black Parti)  & Boss' last litter: Click Here!

Due Date: July 6th


Hazel & Coupe


This is Hazle's 2nd litter with Coupe.  Both Hazel and Coupe are 8 pounds.  Possible Colors: Solid Black or Liver, Liver &Tan or Black & Silvers, Black or Liver Partis 

Due Date: 7/8/22

To see photos of their last litter

Click Here! 


Ida Claire & Spur

Ida Claire

This is Ida Claire and Spurs 2nd litter.  We loved the first litter so much that we decided not to mess with perfection.  Ida Claire is 12.5 lbs and Spur is 8.5 pounds Expected Colors: Phantom Black & Silvers, Liver & Tans, Whites, and maybe

Salt and Peppers!

Due Date: July 12, 2022

To see photos of their beautiful last litter:  Click Here! 


Sophia & Thor


This is Sophia and Thor's first litter together.  We can't wait to see what they produce.  Sophia is 14 pounds and Thor is 5.5 lbs. This will be an all-chocolate litter with green eyes!  The colors they can produce: Liver, Liver and Tans, and Liver Partis

Due Date: 7/15/22

To see Sophia's last Liver and Tan Litter;  Click Here! 


Our Colors 

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