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We're a family-owned business located in the gorgeous Hill Country of Central Texas in the San Antonio/Austin area.  We breed Teacup, Toy, & Miniature size Schnauzers, in a variety of rare and unique colors.  Our family started raising Miniature Schnauzers because they are delightful family pets, and we wanted to share the wonderful qualities of the breed with other families.


Available Puppies Below

White Chocolate Parti

Puppy images and videos are linked on our puppies page. View our beautiful colors as well at the bottom of our puppies page

Liver Pepper

Appaloosa Schnauzers 

There really is no such thing as an Appaloosa Schnauzer, but I decided to develop this webpage in an effort to try and explain the unique look of our heavily ticked Parti Schnauzers. For many people who are just starting to look for a schnauzer the terminology can be rather confusing. What is ticking? What is a Parti Schnauzer? What is supercoated? Part of the confusion comes because people are accustomed to seeing the three more common standard colors; Salt and Pepper, Solid Black, and Black and Silver. All of my schnauzers are AKC registered, but the Schnauzer Club (who controls who goes to the AKC accredited shows) will only recognize the three standard colors. Because they refuse to recognize any of the other colors (which we call the "Lost Colors"), most people are surprised to discover that these unique colors even exist. 




Our pricing starts at $1800. This is for our miniature-sized puppies, above 12 pounds. The price can increase according to your size and color choice.

Our teacup puppies start at $2800. All of our pups are sold as pets with no papers. We are required by the State of Texas to collect 8.25% sales tax, but we pay the sales tax out of the total price of the puppy. Currently, we do not charge our owners for additional sales tax on top of the quoted price.


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Dog and Cat Breeders are regulated by the 
Texas Department Of Licensing and Regulation
P.O.BOX 12157

Austin, Texas 78711
1-800-803-9292 / (512)463-6599

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