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               Welcome to Texas T's Toy Schnauzers

We are a small family breeder of Teacup, Toy, & Miniature Schnauzers located in the gorgeous Hill Country of South Texas in
the San Antonio and Austin areas.  Our family started raising Schnauzers because they are delightful family pets, and we
wanted to share the wonderful qualities of this breed with other families.  

Teacups or T-Cups, Tiny Toys or Micro Toys are defined as 3-6 lbs as an adult and 8-9
inches tall at the shoulder. The smaller size makes them very portable, ideal traveling
companions, and easy to handle for those who have bad backs or weight restrictions.
Our Toy Schnauzers are 7-11 lbs as adults and are 10-11 inches at the shoulder.  AKC
standards for the Miniature Schnauzers are 12-14 inches at the shoulder and they will
weigh approximately 12-20 lbs.  

A highly social breed, Miniature Schnauzers make a great addition to any family, and
make wonderful pets for children.  They are highly intelligent, very loyal, easily trained,
and relatively free of health problems.  On a more practical note, we LOVE the fact that
they do not shed. Schnauzers are listed on the
AKC's (American Kennel Club's) top 10
list (out of 175+ breeds) for intelligence and for being hypoallergenic. They are perfect
for family members who have allergies!

My parents and my brother have always raised Schnauzers, but only in the standard three colors.  Once I saw the Parti  
Schnauzers I was hooked, and started raising the more rare & unique colors. Since then, I've been able to convert my sister-in-
law over to the "Lost Colors", but my brother is still strictly a Salt and Pepper Schnauzer man.  As family, we may not agree on
Color of Schnauzers, but  we're all in agreement that the Schnauzer Breed makes the best family pet.  Schnauzers are
highly intelligent, happy, fun loving, loyal, non-shedding dogs that make great companions. They give love unconditionally,
and you truly can't find a better family pet.

The AKC recognizes all colors, however the Schnauzer Club only recognizes three colors in the show ring:  Black,  Black and
Silver, and Salt and Pepper.  We breed all colors, but specialize in what we call the “Lost Colors”: Liver (or Chocolate),  Liver
Pepper, Liver & Tan, White, White Chocolate, Platinum Silver, and all the many
Parti colors.  We are also proudly producing the
ticked parti schnauzer, which we lovingly call our "Appaloosa Schnauzers".  

Not only do we specialize in Toy & Teacup size Schnauzers in rare and unique colors,
re                                                             but we also produce the
"Supercoated Schnauzers", with the preferred premium quality
preferred                                                hair.  Visit our "Supercoated Schnauzer" webpage to view pictures of these gorgeous  
of                                                             dogs, and to learn more about their unique premium quality hair.

                                                             Our pricing varies with size of the pup, color, gender, and hair quality.  I usually price out
out                                                           my pups when they are four weeks old, and I have a better guesstimate of final adult
adult                                                        weight.  Birth weight is never a very good indicator of final adult size.  Typically,
teacupscups                                          teacups will gain 1-2 oz a week, toys will gain 3-4 oz a week, and miniatures will gain 5-7  
oz a a                                                      ounces a week.  So we take their weights weekly on their birth dates, and after four
weeks                                                     weeks, we then begin to see a pattern of weekly weight gain.  After four weeks we can
make more of an an                              make a more educated guess as to what size they will be as adults.  Also after four weeks
weeks         we can begin t                  we can begin to tell what type of hair or coat they will have.  At that time we will price out
the litter, and s                                      the litter, and start taking deposits.  Deposits are 50% of the purchase price, and the 50%
balance is due a                                    balance is due at the time the puppy is picked up.

All of our adult dogs are registered by the AKC, and the majority have been DNA profiled.  We have gone to great lengths  to
find high quality breeding stock from a variety of pedigree lines.  This enables us to produce quality pups in a variety of colors
with very desirable coats.  One look at our adult Dams and Sires, and you'll see why we're able to produce such beautifully
coated adorable pups in truly rare and unique colors.

We thank you for visiting our website.  Feel free to visit our
Lady's and Gent's page to view our beautiful dams and sires, as
well as our
Puppy Page to view current available pups and upcoming litters.  By viewing our Past Pups page, you can see
photos of many of the pups and their new owners from years past.  You will find gender information on our
Male Vs. Female
page, as well as a page devoted to providing you with information about
Ear Cropping.  Our "Helpful Information" webpage
answers a variety of questions on
ticking, supercoats, the new vaccine protocol, and crate training, just to name a few.

Texas T’s Schnauzers takes great pride in producing Tiny Treasure’s that are happy, well adjusted, healthy, fluffy puppies with
good conformation, super coats, and loving personalities. Our pups are well socialized and come to you with tails docked, dew
claws removed, up-to-date shots, a certified health certificate, and a one year health guarantee. All of our dogs are beloved
family pets who live in our home, and all of our pups are sold as "Pet Only".  If you would like to breed, please contact us, as
we do charge an additional fee for full AKC breeding rights.  Feel free to come by any time to visit our tiny herd, as we think
they are even cuter in person.  
Examples of our Teacup & Toy pups in rare and unique colors!
Liver or Chocolate & Tan              Chocolate or Liver                 White & White Chocolates
Liver and White Parti                 Salt and Pepper Parti                  Black and White Parti
Email Us: ToySchnauzers@aol.com
Call Us: 210-818-1003 or 210-818-2505
Salt & Pepper
Black & Silver
Texas Licensed Breeder #329

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